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Welcome to the Hearts & Hands Comfort Center. Thank you for visiting our home on the internet! We are a non-profit organization offering support through bodywork and holistic health care to cancer patients and their families. We are dedicated to making our services affordable to those in need, this is why they are offered on a flexible, sliding-scale basis. It is our sincere hope that you will make use of the great wealth of knowledge and care we have here.

On this website, you will find answers to some of the basic questions you may have about us including: how you can contact us, what we mean by complimentary care, an outline of what we offer, and how you can sign-up for services. It also has information for those you who want to help by volunteering your time and skills or by donating supplies and/or funds to keep the clinic going on a daily basis.



a dedicated family of health professionals and community members who volunteer our skills and our time to provide care, comfort and education to all men and women with cancer who seek complimentary methods of healing — regardless of financial means. Our skills are many; ranging from Massage to Therapeutic Imagery, to Acupuncture and Counseling (and so much inbetween!). We are dedicated to working with you step-by-step to find what modalities are most supportive to you.
  • That everyone should have control over their healthcare choices and their lives.
  • That everyone deserves access to all possible resources for comfort, care and support through their illness.
  • A strong support community is necessary for not only the cancer patient but their loved ones as well.
  • To being open, non-judgemental, compassionate and understanding.
  • To creating an environment that is free of discrimination.
  • To networking both the allopathic and complementary communities in order to provide the most complete care possible.
  • To striving to increase complementary cancer care education & awareness.


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