Complimentary Care is defined by the American Cancer Society as methods that are used to complement, or add to, mainstream treatments. Complementary methods are not given to cure disease, rather they may help to control symptoms and improve well-being. Many forms of complimentary care may increase the effectiveness of the immune system, thereby assisting the body's natural healing process.

It has been reported that more than 50% of cancer patients in the United States use some sort of complimentary care or alternative medicine, spending more than 25 billion annually.

Integrative medicine programs are opening up in a number of major hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and complimentary care courses are offered in over 27 medical schools nationwide.

Though complimentary care is taking its place along side mainstream methods of treatment, we suggest that you approach all treatments with a degree of healthy skepticism. research, ask questions, attend informational meetings and talk with your doctors. We hope to assist you in making informed choices!